Critical Mass – HAve You Passed This Point?

Critical Mass:   Critical Mass is the sum of those issues related to genuine transformation... 

Where’s Waldo

When churches call a Pastor they; 1.  Appoint a ‘Pulpit Committee’ –... 

Deacon Ministry Research Project

Research Profile Deacons – Servants or Governing Board?   Date Survey Completed:   Church... 

Treating The Whole Body 05/03/10

Pastor,   Good to talk with you this morning and to find you are still upright.... 

Speaking TRUTH in Love

Anyone who engages theological discourse in any Public Forum has been excoriated,... 

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If not NOW – When??

The Gordian Knot – The Barna Report on December 21, 2009 shines the light of... 

By The Content of Their Character

I am writing this BLOG Post on the eve of Inauguration Day. Two reasons for this.... 

The Correlation Factor – Maturity & Unity

In the recent past I met with a Denominational figure. After considering what IUS... 

Expository Preaching

I recently faced a stunning reality – I am now the “other generation”.... 

First Things First

In 1994 Stephen Covey’s title First Things First was published. His focus was... 

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Transcendent Authority & The Public Square

When any community of people loses a Transcendent and Authoritative “Center” that governs all morality and institutions, it has then embarked on the road to disintegration. When the USA launched a deliberate and intentional campaign to rid the Public Square of God and His Truth, the seeds of our destruction had been sown. No prayer in the... [Read more of this review]

Carousels & Leadership 04/20/2010

Yesterday I had lunch at a Mall with my Board of Directors – - Food Court Quisine. Directly behind us was a Carousel. I thought of the many Pastors who speak with me about their deep seated frustration with ministry. Round and Round they go. The same weary tunes playing over and over. The Carousel was empty as we dined. Not a single occupant.... [Read more of this review]

The Pastoral Trilogy – P L C

Recently I discussed the challenge of balancing the vital aspects of pastoring with a friend. He shared with me that one of his mentors once shared with them the following paradigm for success in this delicate challenge. P = Proclamation. L = Leadership. C = Caring. The mentor told the class that most of them would do quite well on the “P”... [Read more of this review]

Because I Say SO!!

I appeal to the reader to consider and respond to the issue I am addressing. That issue is, in the language of Theology and Apologetics, “Empirical Adequacy”. Empirical Adequacy is the content, validity, organization and compelling substance of the data presented in representing an issue.  For a Theologian that substance must include a... [Read more of this review]

If Not Now – When?

The following data is taken from an email I received from one of our Transformation Partner Pastors. The situation was this. A local church in the area where he pastors has been watching the transformation that is taking place in the lives of the people in that assembly and the lives of the leaders themselves (this church is 18 months through a 36 month... [Read more of this review]

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