“I Will Be King!”

May 10, 2012 by  
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“I will be King!” These were the words of Adonijah in the latter years of King David’s life. They have been echoing down through time ever since. Men who lust for power and prestige rather than sacrifice and service.

David, as all leaders, displayed some traits as a leader that were admirable and some very tragic. He was not even aware of this insurrection and treason. Nathan and Bathsheba inform him of the activity of Adonijah (1Kings 1). If there is any aspect of leadership that is paramount it is an awareness of what is taking place among those you lead.

This is also a solid case for the transfer of the mantle of leadership before the ravages of time and age create a scenario such as this.

Far better for the leader and the organization when God appoints and installs new leadership. David showed mercy and grace. Adonijah goes to his house and that house was not the palace and he did not occupy the throne. Some valuable leadership lessons here for the observant servant leader.

What did you learn about leadership by reading 1Kings 1?

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