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It is an indisputable fact that Biblical Literacy has declined rapidly in the past two decades. It is also true that the requirements of Seminaries have been watered down, especially in the realm of Biblical Language Study.

When a Pastor/Teacher does not have competency in the Biblical Languages he labors with a significant deficiency in his ability to accomplish precise accurate exegesis of the text of Scripture. I offer the recent post by David Platt, author of Radical. I have great respect and appreciation for Pastor Platt. We used Radical in our Small Group studies in the past year. However, in the following post David misses the mark in his understanding of 2 Peter 3:9 as do most who quote this portion of Scripture. Follow this link to his comments.

I am not aware of the language training that David does or does not have. I want to graciously state that he has misinterpreted 2 Peter 3:9. This is not merely a matter of preference. The Holy Spirit who is the author of Scripture had recorded with precision what He intended to convey. He expects us to “lead out into the open”, the praxis of exegesis, to do the same in our interpretation. To fail at this task is to engage in ‘eisegesis’, reading into the text what we have decided it should say rather than humbly submitting to what it does say.

I invite my readers to come to this portion of God’s word with an open mind and heart. Follow the link provided. I rarely hear a Pastor correctly interpret this portion of God’s word. I offer this challenge to any reader. Watch this video. Then provide a sound exegetical refutation of this interpretation if in fact you are able.

My motivation in this post IS NOT to in any way defame or demean David Platt. It is to appeal for accurate and precise exegesis of God’s word. Thanks to all who read and engage this post. Christ is honored when we accord the highest level of precision in interpreting the Scripture and grace upon grace when we apply that interpretation in the body of Christ.

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