Pastoral Implications of The Incarnation

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Behold, a virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth a son, and they shall call his name Emmanuel, which being interpreted is, God with us. (Matt. 1:23)

This is the moment for the ages – God is with us. God took upon Himself our humanity. In doing so he is perfectly qualified to be the Savior of all who call upon his name.

The Greeks held that God was far off and not at all involved in the affairs of men. Christian Theism turns that myth on it’s ear. God is not only involved, He became a man, walked this earth, was in all points tested as we are and did not sin. Theologians refer to this as the Impeccability of Christ. Indeed! What a Savior.

What are the implications of this for Pastors? If God had intended that the Gospel be mere information He could have used any variety of means. The Incarnation makes the Gospel intensely personal. When Jesus taught He modeled Truth. It was not mere didactic instruction. It was a living vital way of life. The disciples saw first hand on a daily basis who and what God was.

Aubrey Malphurs, Dallas Seminary recently cited the lack of Modeling as one of the primary reasons the church does not make disciples. Followers need to hear the Truth. Followers need to see that Truth lived out in real time by the one teaching that Truth.

When Pastors Model Truth those who follow are captured by the beauty and consistency of that Truth. They are compelled by the authenticity of what they see to imitate that way of life. It is my contention that when Pastors and leaders do this there will be a ground swell of renewal in the church.

John said it this way. No man has ever seen God. But, the miracle of the Incarnation led Him out into the open and put this God of The Ages on full display. We will do well to obey all that Jesus commanded and in doing so we honor Christ and begin to fulfill His purpose in the Incarnation. Emmanuel!

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