The Power of Purpose

June 12, 2014 by  
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Purpose brings focus. The absence of focus leads to petty conflicts and energy invested in activities that are utterly and absolutely unproductive. This leads to the establishment of territorial turf. Then the perpetrator must defend their territory out of a sense of ‘duty to the Truth!’

How sad and descriptive of much of what passes for ‘ministry’ in local churches.

When everyone owns a purpose that is defined and developed by the mandates of Scripture the myriad of petty turf wars is diminished if not eliminated.

Purpose is characterized by:

1.  Unconditional surrender to Jesus Christ as LORD.

2.  Embracing as your ‘first principle’ the Great Commandment and the Great Commission.

3.  Engaging each day with a passion to fulfill the tasks God has equipped you to accomplish.

4.  Understanding that the church is the Body of Christ.

5.  Living life “In Community”, putting others before self.

6.  An objective Metric by which effectiveness is evaluated – you did or did not accomplish the tasks.

7.  An Integrated life. All aspects of life are fulfilled with excellence.

So – – do you have PURPOSE?

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