“Witch Hunt” or Orthodox Fidelity?

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Social Media is a blessing and a cursing. Blessing – there is an infinite opportunity to exchange messages with a host of people, some redeemed and some not. That is great. Cursing – this infinite opportunity includes many who are not biblically literate and in fact downright heretical. Their thinking is shaped by some of the influences promoted on this same tool.

Here is where the conflict enters the picture. The text of Scripture, Titus 1:9 includes a command for those who are Elder/Pastor/Shepherds to teach/instruct in SOUND DOCTRINE and to REBUKE those who contradict it.

He must hold firm to the trustworthy word as taught, so that he may be able to give instruction in sound doctrine and also to rebuke those who contradict it. (Titus 1:9)

When correction is offered regarding unorthodox or heretical postings the conflict rages. What one regards as a proper REBUKE, others regard as a WITCH HUNT. The Strange Fire Conference hosted by John MacArthur at Grace Community this past October turned a brush fire into an inferno.

REBUKE has many nuances in the original language; bring to light, expose, convince, reprove, rebuke, punish (A Reader’s Greek New Testament, 2nd Edition, p.464, note 42).

The following are my thoughts offered during one of the Social Media Exchanges.

A Word about the “Witch Hunting” accusation that is appearing with greater frequency in Social Media among professing Christians.

First, there are some who are attracted to controversy like bugs to light. There is excessive criticism and perhaps hatred in their post. This should not be.

Second, great (faithful) Leaders are commanded to teach Sound Doctrine and Rebuke those who teach otherwise (Titus 1:9). Doing so IS NOT WITCH HUNTING – – IT IS OBEDIENCE TO THE CLEAR MANDATE OF SCRIPTURE.

Third, a primary test is motive and manner. When I encounter false teaching I must first examine my own heart/eye and make sure there are no LOGS present. Then, I must speak/write with absolute accuracy based on sound exegesis of the text. Then, I must carefully and honestly ‘rebuke’ the offending party/parties.

Fourth my Brothers and Sisters, compassionate and consistent fidelity to the commands of Scripture is NOT “Witch Hunting”.  I call upon all who are using this nomenclature to cease and desist. The fall out will be intense but the task is not conditioned by the response of those we speak to in love.

There is Pathology in Theology. When error however obscure is not challenged it ALWAYS grows and eventually explodes into damaging heresy and apostasy.

Responses solicited and welcome. THANKS!

Follow the link to  acquire additional insight into this false accusation that exegetical precision is “Witch Hunting”. Anything but.


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