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The ministry of IgniteUS is dedicated to bringing Health & Effectiveness to Pastors and the local church. We focus on ENCOURAGING those who lead in a very difficult time.
The proliferation of opportunity provided by Social Media streams has exacerbated what I characterize as “Pontification”. Let me explain.
An individual correctly cites an injustice promoted by some element of our faith. They lob a not so thinly veiled barb at those they perceive (and often correctly so) as being flat out wrong. They then retreat to the safety of their study with a not seen, but ever present smug self-affirming smile. They have just assumed the role of “Pontif” on this subject.
The problem – nothing has been resolved. There is no attempt at resolution. There almost certainly will be a counter-point offered by those they indicted in their pontifical post. The beat goes on.
I recommend those reading this post follow the link below. This takes you to what I regard as the finest article on dealing with those with whom we differ. It was written by Roger Nicole, now deceased. He being dead, yet speaketh and quite eloquently I must say.
We would all be well served by applying what he presents. Most certainly, Christ would be honored, the church made healthy and Pastors and Leaders encouraged. Well worth the effort.
Would appreciate your thoughts when you have read through this. THANKS!

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