Cultural Symbols & Genuine Sanctification

July 10, 2015 by  
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Today in Columbia SC the Confederate Flag came down.

I Pastored in Columbia for 20 years. In 1997 I led an effort to expose the wretched racists that existed in many churches there. The ‘Powers that Be’, now deceased, were cowards and would not face the reality of that fact. The reason – ‘We do not want to violate the Autonomy of the Local Church.’

Say what? Rampant blatant racism is ok but we would NEVER trample the Authonomy of the Local Church. Sad, folks, just very very sad. I personally confronted racists and they departed and maligned me. Well la dee dah!

My point is this – removing a Cultural Symbol (and I do NOT have a Dog in that fight) will not change one single heart. A person who has a black heart will still have a black heart whether that flag is flying on the State House Grounds or tucked away in a Museum.

All people are created in the Image of God and by virtue of that fact deserve dignity, respect and they need to hear the Gospel, Repent and Trust Christ. The flag up or down will not accomplish that in anyone’s heart.

That is the Truth with a capital “T”!

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