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Man began in a garden. When the Consummation of The Ages is ushered in by the Sovereign Providence of our all wise God, man will once again find himself in a garden. The LORD will be the Light and man will enjoy the Presence of the LORD for all eternity, no sorrow, no pain, no suffering and no sin!


There is a particular ambiance about a garden. It is peaceful, quiet, and often aromatic due to the many fragrances that emanate from the floral bouquets that grow there. The birds provide a melodic serenade if you just pause and listen.


About a month ago our son came over with his tiller. We created a garden spot in our back yard. It is modest in size, about 125 feet long and 15 feet wide. It is just enough to grow some cantaloupe, squash, water melons, and tomatoes. I planted both Cherry for salads & Beef Steak. The latter for BLT’s.


I have a small Patio Table & Chair beside the garden. I am an early riser. Often you will find me in that chair with a piping hot cup of coffee, my Bible, and a settled and a peace drenched soul as the sun peaks over the horizon to announce another new day. I commune with my God. He is always there with me. He speaks to me from his word. The message of the Scriptures has a special penetrating power and authority in the stillness of a new day.


I must confess that in 47 years of ministry I have not honored the Sabbath very well. This garden spot has modified my disobedience. It is amazing how 30 minutes ‘in the garden’ brings a proper perspective to each new day and the challenges it holds. There are many. I languish in earnest desire to see the American church submit to Reformation & Renewal. Intercessory prayer is most certainly one of the means God will use if that is ever to be accomplished.


Let me encourage you to find a ‘Garden Spot’. Invest time there. Pray. Read God’s Word and most of all look with anticipation to that time when the LORD will once again place man in the garden of His making at the end of the age. Maranatha!!


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