Sound Doctrine & The Downgrade

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Sound Doctrine is the heart & soul of Christian Theology. Paul addressed this issue numerous times. 


Sound Doctrine is Healthy Doctrine. The precipitous decline of the evangelical church in America is directly attributable to the paucity and indolence regarding Sound Doctrine.


An often overlooked factor is not just what people know, but, what they don’t know. This deficiency in Sound Doctrine makes them susceptible to all manner of corrupt doctrine which results in a theological poverty that produces what Spurgeon described as The Downgrade


This phenomenon is prevalent and growing in the Evangelical Church in America. The following is a rationale for practicing Sound Doctrine in the church where you worship.


(1) Sound doctrine is necessary for establishing biblical truth and for refuting error


(2) Christian ministry and theology go hand in hand.


(3) Sound doctrine is the very heart of Christian faith.


(4) Sound doctrine is both relevant to and practical for Christian living


(5) Sound doctrine allows no compromise.


(6) Sound doctrine is not an option for one who belongs to Christ.


(7) Neglecting sound doctrine brings grave danger.


What are YOU doing to produce and maintain Sound Doctrine in the church where you worship?

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