Parched Earth – Refreshing Rain

September 29, 2010 by  
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September 27, 20910


We have had 25 days without rain in September here in Columbia. When you walked across the lawn, it crackled. Dry is an understatement. The grass was as brown as a paper sack, lifeless, unattractive. Scorched by the daily 95+ temperatures we have had. Record number of days above 90 for September (Al Gore excepted!!).


I flew back last night from Baltimore. By the time I landed in Columbia it was pouring rain. By 10 o’clock this morning the grass was already showing signs of recovery – that memorable ‘green’ was emerging, colorful, succulent, refreshing like the rain itself.

God’s goodness is like that. There are persistent ‘dry times’ in our life spiritually. We long for refreshing. When it comes, like the ‘greening of the lawn’ we know that He has visited us. He has once again poured His indescribable favor upon us. We breath a sigh of cool relief. Thank you Lord!

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