50 Years & Counting

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50 Years & Counting

October 5, 2010


On October 2nd we celebrated 50 years of marriage. Francis Schaeffer said near the end of his life on earth; “If you want to do something really radical as a Christian, stay married to the same mate for life.” We are working on that noble endeavor. Two essentials to achieve that. 1) You must stay married to the same person. 2) You must live long enough. Much of #1 is on us, #2 is primarily God’s work.


Men today let’s talk about what it means to lead a balanced life. The 50th wedding anniversary party of a Christian friend was attended by a) his happy wife, b) his children (some of whom flew in), c) his pastor who thought enough of him to comment on his life, and d) about 40 friends. In his case, no one from the office. And he was very happy. Are you living as though a happy wife, children who still want to be around you, a pastor who would be willing to say something nice about you, and about 40 friends would be a great achievement? What more can a man really want?

The quote posted above is from Patrick Morley’s National Men’s Ministry message for this date. The timing of Providence is wonderful.

So I ask you men – will you, by the Grace of God engage such a glorious celebration? I hope for you and for the Glory of Christ that you do!

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