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Monday, October 18, 2010

October 18, 2010

The Apostle Paul would be utterly and absolutely dumb founded if he were to examine the Polity practiced in the Evangelical church today. It is a corrupt form of ‘democracy’ gone to seed. The consequences are devastating and the ramification are horrific. Christ is defamed and the church looses standing in the world in which we serve.

Consider this. The Pastor or Pastoral/Elder Team invests 60-80 hour per week in seeking to bring Health & Effectiveness to the church via accurate exegesis and proper interpretation and declaration of the Word of God. A ‘member’, many of whom attend only casually and sporadically at best, have the same ‘say so’ through the process of ‘voting’.

Further, it is quite common to see Robert’s Rules, the Constitution or the By-Laws trump Scripture every time. Where did this atrocity come from? It was assimilated from the culture without examination or exegesis. I have encountered this over and over again in my consulting relationship with churches (sic). The cause of such practices are rooted in flawed Leadership. Men with that responsibility simply lack the courage and intestinal fortitude to address the issue. But, oh how they howl and moan about the situation.


There is a solution. It requires the following:

A. Accurate and careful exegesis of the text as to what is and is not acceptable in light of Special Revelation.

B. Loving and compassionate instruction with the people that make up the congregation as to what the text teaches.

C. Systematically changing the governing policies of the assembly to accurately and correctly reflect what the text says. It is never acceptable to simply disregard existing polity documents.

D. Celebrate robustly with the people the implementation and application of a legitimate Polity Structure.

How many Pastors will embrace this challenge? Only the LORD knows!

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