Immersed in Competence

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Yesterday I returned from a series of engagements in Canada. I flew into Charlotte NC. On my way from the C Terminal to the E Terminal I passed a man playing a Grand Piano. He was oblivious to the frantic hordes racing past his instrument. He was smiling, talking to himself (and answering with a chuckle!)

He was playing Scott Joplin Rag. He LOVES that music. How do I know? Because he was utterly and absolutely immersed in the competence he had acquired in the realm of entertaining people by ‘tickling the ivories.” He was masterful. He smiled – laughed – answered himself! I had an organist in my first pastorate. She was a quiet diminutive genuine lady of the first order. Proper. Polished.

Until that is,  she transitioned from A Mighty Fortress is Our God to some of Scott Joplin’s Rags. Then she became a human dynamo. She ziped up an down the key board and the bench. She made the place vibrate with joyful expressions of lively tunes.

Both of these people, when engaged at that keyboard, were in their element. They were drawn into a place where the hustle and bustle around them was non-existent. They had focus. They honored the composer. They made His music LIVE.

Here is the lesson for Christians. We are to be immersed in our faith. We are to make “the music live”. We are writing a symphony every day with our walk before the God who redeemed us, immersed us in the competence for which he created us.

Do you live to make the music live? Is “The Composer” pleased with your rendition of His Song? It is a joyful thing. Long live the Competent Musicians of His Songs!


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  1. Lynn Davey says:

    Who was this polished lady? I can’t remember.

    Think of you often and am forever grateful for a Pastor who loved the Lord. I was just talking to someone recently about how good God has been in giving me Godly Pastors over the years. Guess you got me off to a great start.

    Say hello to Peg.