The Sanctity of Life

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As I write, tomorrow is Sanctity of Life Sunday in our nation. Life is sacred because every living person is created in the Image of God. Our Founding Fathers acknowledged this – – endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights; Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. We are enjoying a weekend visit with three of our grandchildren – image bearers. They bring great joy. It is mind boggling to think that men and women live with the horrific knowledge that they destroyed their own progeny. Oh weep for that loss. Weep for that burden of death – killing your own. Safe, Legal and Rare? Damn Liars!

It does not require a Medical School education to certify this fact. Simple logic, something does not comes from nothing. The capitulation to Margaret Sanger and her murderous ilk gave us this tragedy and the voice of the church was impotent to stop the tsunami of death that has swept our nation. 50 Million plus since 1973. Safe, Legal and Rare was the screed. Liars. Damn Liars.

In NY City in 2010 87,000 image bearers were slaughtered for the sake of convenience or worse. 60% of black babies conceived in that calendar year were murdered. Most cities in America do not have a population of 87,000.

The following quote makes my case. Read it with weeping, repentance and prayer.

 It doesn’t require a leap in logic to acknowledge that a society which kills it’s own children is eliminating it’s next generation. That society is also wiping out it’s next doctors, lawyers, professional athletes, actors and actresses, dog catchers, fishermen, pizza makers, and in fact, is just killing itself. Along the way a horrible side-effect of this killing is to teach our young people that their lives are not valuable. In fact, we’ll fight for the right to kill them. Yet this behavior is trumpeted as “progress”. Little wonder our streets run red with blood. (Marc Laroi’s BLOG post January 21, 2011, A Christian Living)

God forgive us. I plead for mercy. I plead for the Pastors of this land to speak Truth to Power. May the gospel run free across this land and transform hearts of stone to hearts of faith.

Read Psalm 139 and Pray for America!

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