Dithering & Other Inane Moments

January 31, 2011 by  
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I recently listened to an NPR spot about the incredible angst being generated by a decision over which combination of drugs to use in Executing convicted criminals in the state of OH. I am an OH native. Oh the angst and hand wringing the broadcasters engaged. Such emotional trauma. PLEASE!!

As a nation we have slaughtered 51 million plus INNOCENTS! Little Image Bearers guilty of absolutely nothing except they exist. Of course that existence may inconvenience the female that bears their little fragile life. So, they choose the path of expedience not TRUTH and  – – – they abort. Kill! Murder! Where is the outcry of the Civil Liberty types defending these little people?

The criminal committed a crime. He was arrested, tried and found GUILTY by a jury of his peers of violating social policy, laws that prohibit his behavior. We have codified a system of punishment for such conduct. Of course we must not violate his rights or cause him any pain. What?

Those little people butchered by that thug in Philadelphia get no such mercy. SHAME on us. Shame on the pastors who fail to speak for the most helpless of the “least of these”.

Think about this before you stand before the One who Judges all things!

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