Dr. Death Dies

June 4, 2011 by  
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This week Jack Kevorkian died. In one sense he never truly lived.

It is always a cause for grief when an Image Barer dies. Death is not normative in the Creative Order. Adam brought death to all men when he sinned. So this death is one in millions that pays the price through the imputation of Adam’s flagrant disobedience.  This is not cause for celebration. it is however cause for reflection and analysis.

Dr. Kevorkian championed a posture on death that is clearly and absolutely contrary to Christian Theism. He merely reflected a growing perspective in the culture of the West. Life & death are the purview of God alone. He spent time in prison for his crimes against humanity. On Friday I visited an aunt & uncle in a care facility. It is indeed sad to witness the scores of emaciated and dysfunctional people simply waiting to die. That said, wait we must.

As a nation we are reaping the judgment of God for embracing a perspective on life that is contrary to Truth. We have aborted over 50 million Image Bearers since 1973. Those little people, and YES they are people, are no less deserving of life than those that Kevorkian went to prison for killing. Schizophrenic to the max.

Dr. Kevorkian, as all men, will face the Creator of life. My understanding of Scripture indicates he already has. I am not called to pass judgment on his eternal state. I am called to do so on his conduct while living. He was a killer. He blasphemed the Author of life in his theological and philosophical postures. He deserved to die. Scripture views muder as a capital offense.

Life is the purview of the Giver of Life, Jehovah God. Do not be deceived. What a man sows he also reaps. Tragic is the best description of this man’s journey. He died never having lived. I encourage my readers to live. He that has the Son has life. Do you?

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