Random Arrows & Leadership Selection

December 26, 2011 by  
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Like an archer who wounds everyone,
is one who hires a passing fool or drunkard (Prov. 26:10).

Sin in haste and repent at leisure. That simple statement applies to scores of churches. They call Pastors and Staff with little or no wisdom applied in the screening and selection process. Then, in short order, there is much weeping and wailing because the recently transacted “marriage” was not made in heaven.

In selecting Leaders, whether they function as a Teaching/Preaching Pastor or in the various responsibilities of an Elder, the Scripture provides specific and essential guidelines.

The first and primary consideration is Character. The most frequently applied criteria in selecting a Pastor is verbal skill. While this is certainly important, because a man is a credible speaker is no assurance that he also possesses a godly character.

This is the final post in this BLOG for 2011. I appeal to those who shoulder the responsibility of selecting Leaders to be “wise archers”. Avoid random and careless ‘shooting’. Do the research. Check multiple reference levels. Speak to a 360 circle of people who know the man. The most accurate indicator of what a man will do in the future is what he has done in the past. Know his history. Honor the facts. Pray much.

Then, celebrate the archery lessons that God has given as you serve with a man that is well suited to lead in the position you have placed him.

God’s best in 2012.

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