Pastoral Integrity & Plagurism

February 13, 2012 by  
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Solomon told us there is nothing new under the sun. Using material created by someone else is a legitimate resource for writing articles or preparing sermons. When doing so it is only proper and ethical to display appropriate credit to the author/source. Failure to do so is both a moral and ethical breech.

With the availability of material on the internet the incidence of ‘pirated’ material has occurred with alarming frequency. The injunction “Thou shall not steal” is alive and well in God’s universe. He is dishonored when people who claim to be Christian engage is this thievery with impunity.

Publications of such notoriety as the NY Times and the Boston Globe were wracked by this dubious practice in recent past. Not surprising. To see this same reprehensible evil manifest among Pastors is another matter.

Better to include copious footnotes and citations than to give the impression that you are the author when in fact you are not. Adopt the practice of including proper citations and links for all material not original copy from your hand. DO IT!

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