Time Wounds All Heels

February 27, 2012 by  
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Time marches on. Mortals cannot escape the relentless sequence of moments that make up our pilgrimage. The journey of life is 3 score and 10 and if by chance we are granted a little extra, that is pure grace.

I am now on that bonus portion. Today I used one of the first books I purchased for OT Survey at Cedarville – – an ASV 1901 Bible. The spine is beginning to crumble. I got out a role of Library Tape and ‘patched’ it back to wholeness (sorta). Just like my body (Cancer, Vitamin D, chrondroiton for the creaky joints, etc.) age is showing.

I am very thankful for what is in those years. Painful, sometimes very very long and spiritually dry, but always packed with Wisdom if you are listening and ready to learn and grow in grace. And, when the springs of God’s freshness immerse you in His goodness all the sadness and arid dry times are gone!

My heirs will inherit the library (some 4,000 volumes). As my friend Kevin DeYoung says of them, old books are like old friends. I have a navy buddy, he lives in Tampa FL and we talk every day via cell phone. We have been friends for 53 years. What a cherished and valuable person. I was in his wedding. Our children swam in his pool with his. He and his wife visit Peggy & I when they travel.

So cherish those old friends and the old books as well. The binding wears out just like ours but the TRUTH they provide is timeless. God likes old – cf. Lev. 19:32. If He is OK with the wrinkles I surely am!

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