Gratitude As Heritage

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Everyone has a heritage. Those things that shape and mold us as people. Our character, virtues, world view and much more we acquire by virtue of observing those persons of significance in our lives.

One such person in my life was my Mom. She gave me life itself and also some very wise and sagacious direction on how to live that life with purpose and joy. I had a Biology teacher who once told me I would never amount to anything. (He observations may have had some merit at that point in my pilgrimage :).
When I shared her words with my Mom she told me I had three (3) choices.
1. Become angry and bitter over this accusation.
2. Do nothing and prove this teacher correct.
3. Live a life of profound effectiveness and contribution to the God we worship and the people whose lives we are privileged to touch. I chose this option.
My Mom died in 2003. She loved the LORD and prayed with persistence and passion. She wqas also very thankful for each and every day. Recently my youngest sister sent me this journal entry written by my Mom. It is well worth our collective reflection and emulation in life.
Dear LORD, we thank you for your kindness and love in providing us day by day with all that we need. Help us to see your love for us in every new sun rise, every breath of air, every drop of rain. Make us truly thankful and let your love inspire us to live every day for you. In Jesus Name, Amen!
A great Heritage indeed!

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