Forum Registration


Franklin Road Baptist Church 51 North Franklin Road Indianapolis IN

Saturday October 24, 2015 8:45 AM – 12:30 PM  (Lunch provided)

Transforming Leaders & Churches – – Becoming highly effective in Making Disciples (Matt. 28:18-20)

Host Pastors: Chuck Circle & Paul Ludeke

Speaker: Pastor Tom Fillinger, CEO IgniteUS Ministries (

8:45 AM – 9:00 AM Coffee – Fellowship – Registration

9:00  AM – 11:15 Forum

11:15 – 11:45 Open Q & A

11:45 – 12:00 The Way Forward – Genuine Ministry Effectiveness

                 12:00 – 12:30 PM Lunch Provided On-Site

Fee = $29 for a Pastor & $10/man for two (2) additional leaders, church leaders beyond tw0 = no charge

Glad you are coming Pastor. The following Value Add benefits will be yours simply for registering and attending.

1.    A good dose of encouragement and prayer.  We NEED one another! You will fellowship with men on a journey similar to yours!

2.   An explanation of the Readiness Inventory Assessment provided by IgniteUS and an opportunity to complete this beneficial Assessment Tool.

3.   A helpful Review of Jim Collins “How The Mighty Fall” – – understanding the Stages of  Organizational Decline & an Effective means for Turnaround.

4.   A bold ‘pull the curtain back’ on ““The Elephant in The Room!”  Everyone knows he is there, but, we pretend he is not! Fatal mistake. Come and look the Elephant in the eye!! We need to make Disciples not simply converts! The IgniteUS Process equips Pastors to lead with effectiveness and to see God’s people Transformed.

5.    A substantive answer to the question – – “Does the church I Pastor need to change?” (Unless a living organism is changing, it is already DEAD!)

6.  A frank, open and honest conversation about the future of the evangelical church in America and about the church you Shepherd led by Micah Fries.

We look forward to meeting you personally – register some fellow Pastors and bring them along!

We will have coffee & refreshments.

This is a GREAT OPPORTUNITY to acquire excellent ministry enhancing resources. You go home encouraged and equipped to lead with greater effectiveness.

 Please indicate in the “MESSAGE” section below the location of the Forum you plan to attend – THANKS!!  (Call 803 413 3509 if you have questions)