Readiness Inventory

Dear Pastor/Church Leader(s),

Below are two surveys designed to measure and assess your readiness for change and your capacity to lead that process. It is critical that all responses be objective and accurate. We believe that this inventory will equip and prepare you for effective oversight of the Leadership Development Process. Please follow the instructions below and execute this in a timely manner. God’s best to you as you launch out on a journey of Leadership Development and change designed to honor Christ. You are affirmed and appreciated for your leadership in this ministry. God’s very best to you!

Before you begin, you will need to complete a few steps:

  1. Contact IgniteUS and inform us of your interest in the Leadership Development Process. IgniteUS will need to setup your church account before you can complete the surveys.
  2. Call the IgniteUS Staff member you are working with PRIOR to completing the surveys. Be certain that you understand the process before you begin.
  3. You are required to complete this surveys in 30 days or less.

We will also pray with you for a successful and God-honoring journey through the process.

If you have completed the steps above and a church account has been created, please click below to complete one or both surveys.

Readiness for Change & Pastoral Readiness Inventories

Section I – Readiness for Change

Section II – Pastoral Readiness

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Accurate, complete, and prompt responses make the process beneficial to you and your congregation. This is the first step of a journey, running the race (Heb. 12:1).

“Every prudent man acts out of knowledge” (Prov. 13:16a)