Tom Fillinger, CEO

Tom is the Pastor Emeritus of SouthEast Community Church in Columbia, SC (SBC) where he served for 15 years. This ministry is a Turnaround Congregation that transitioned from old paradigms to new. The focus is both reaching people with the gospel and seeing them transformed into the fullness of the image of Christ. Tom is a native of northern Ohio. He served in the US Navy and was a participant in the 1962 Cuban Missile Blockade. He completed his undergraduate studies at Cedarville University in Ohio, his seminary training at Grace Seminary in Indiana, and did his doctoral studies at Denver Seminary in Colorado. He has ministered in Africa, Belize, Burma, Canada, Europe, Haiti, India, Japan, Mexico, Mongolia, Nepal, Russia and South American. Tom and his wife, Peggy have been married for fifty-two years. They have three children and thirteen grandchildren. He is also a jogger and an avid reader.

Tom Fillinger, President
Tom Weber, Director of Transformation Partners
**Tom died suddenly of a ruptured Aorta, Jan 2011.** He served Faithfully
Tom Weber is a native of central Pennsylvania. He served pastorates in New York and Pennsylvania. He also served as President of Source of Light Ministries in Georgia before coming to Columbia, SC in 2005. Tom completed his undergraduate studies at Baptist Bible College in Pennsylvania and his seminary training at Trinity Theological Seminary in Indiana. He has ministered in India, Europe, Japan, Singapore, Mexico, and South America training pastors and their churches in discipleship and life transformation.Tom and his wife Karen have two married children and are grandparents.
Tom Weber, Director of Transformation
Gary Scott, Theologian & Author

Gary is the Senior Pastor of Middle Valley Baptist Church in Hixon TN. Gary has pastored for forty-two years in Ohio, Georgia, New York, Illinois, and South Carolina. He has been involved with church planting efforts and has pastored established works. Gary now pastors a Suburban church of about 300 people. Gary has been a frequent conference speaker and Bible teacher. He has been involved with short term mission trips for the last 25 years. Gary’s greatest strength is his love and devotion to the Word of God. He has continued the disciplines of studying God’s Word and his ministry is characterized by careful Bible teaching. Gary became a Christian at age four when God was pleased to reveal his Son in him. He is married to Ann, a wonderful wife who has supported him throughout his ministry. He has three grown children, and five grandchildren. Gary is a woodworker, golfer, and chess player. He is also an avid reader and student.

Gary received a Bachelor of Religious Education degree from Baptist Bible College in Pennsylvania, and a Master of Divinity degree from Biblical Theological Seminary in Hatfield, Pennsylvania, where he has completed all but his dissertation requirements toward a Sacred Theology Master.
The heart of my ministry has been the declaration of what God has done to save sinners through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. At the heart of the atonement is the power of reconciliation. In Christ, God has removed alienation by bringing reconciliation. I trust that God will glorify himself in through the ministry of IgniteUS by strengthening local churches and bringing a breath-taking unity that will command the attention of a skeptical world.
Gary Scott, Theologian & Author