Baseball & Transformation

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Baseball & Transformation

 I am a baseball fan. It is still “America’s Game”. Scoring runs is crucial to winning games. One asset in scoring runs is stealing bases. Consider how this skill has parallels in the transformation of a local

Research – The base runner studies the strengths and weakness, the motion of the pitcher. The base
runner learns everything he can about the pitcher. This equips him to gain an edge in his quest to score runs. A pastor must study the church; history, leadership, previous effective endeavors. Previous failures. The information gathered in this process equips the pastor to maximize the effectiveness of the process of transformation.

Planning – The base runner must develop and rehearse his strategy. He must practice not just until he can do it right, but, until he cannot do it wrong! Even this does not guarantee success but it greatly improves the probability. The same is true in leading the transformation process. Acquiring and applying all that may be known is a distinct advantage.

Timing – “Timing is everything in kissing and baseball”! When I was 16 I wanted to play second base for the Cleveland Indians. Many men thought they were big league talent. That is, until they faced a pitcher with a major league curve ball. Timing is the key to hitting a curve ball. The same is true in implementing significant change. Doing the right thing at the wrong time still results in disaster. Know what time it is!

Vigilance – Even after the base runner has stolen the base he might get “picked off”. The pitcher is not pleased that the runner has advanced and may score. There are those in any given assembly whose primary goal is to maintain ‘status quo’. They want all things to continue as they have always been. The pastor must confront this mind-set with godly wisdom and perpetual vigilance. Continual awareness of all issues is both essential and beneficial.

Coaching – The base runner has a coach whose objective is the same – – scoring runs. This coach
provides every conceivable advantage to the runner. He provides time tested advice at the moment it is needed. He provides information, encouragement and equipping to see that the base runner succeeds. This is also true of a well qualified Consultant. Study the coaching ranks in major league baseball. Virtually every man serving as a coach has many years of experience as a player. He did not go to school and take classes on base stealing. He played the game. Good Consultants have “played the game”; they have served many years in the local church, confronted a wide variety of circumstances and stand ready to equip the pastor with what that real time experience has taught them. A Pastor does not need to make disastrous mistakes – – he can learn from those who have been there. A good Coach and a good Consultant have many parallels.

Contact IgniteUS Pastor. We will provide time tested and proven resources, wise counsel and prayerful support in leading the transformation process in the local church. You can be equipped and God will honor your efforts to see the church you serve become Healthy & Effective, making disciples fully formed in the image of Christ. PLAY BALL!

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