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September 13, 2012 by  
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The churches that I work with all claim to embrace the Authority of Scripture. They are quick to declare that perspective as a foundational principle for ministry. Until that is, it comes to the actual application of same. Then, things often get dicey and conflict is just around the corner.

When asked or required to state a biblical precept or principle to support a proposed action or inaction, they will mumble something like – – “We have prayed about it” as though that trumps Special Revelation. What is worse, they often have nothing to support the perspective they have ‘prayed about’ but will insist that God has assured them that this is the proper course of action. That, my dear readers, is mysticism pure and simple. It is no different in the final analysis than contacting the Witch of Endor.

The appeal I make in this brief post is for a robust and consistent return to the Authority of Scripture. When we encounter practices that have no support whatsoever in the text of Special Revelation we graciously examine and then deny such action. Until we do, the church will remain impotent, powerless and lacking in the blessing of the Sovereign of the Ages.

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