Pious Pseudo Priority

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First, the Good News! Yesterday I completed the last flight for 2012. Home for the Holidays with family and to celebrate the Incarnation of Jesus Christ, Light of the World. STARBUCKS and a warm fire, contemplating time and eternity.

Now for the matter of “Pseudo Priority”. When boarding a DELTA flight, there are according to DELTA, different’ classes of people. Let me explain. They board people needing assistance and those with small children first. That is most appropriate. They recognize those serving in the military – also most appropriate. Next they board First Class passengers. These are folks that paid 10 times more for their ticket than the majority of people on this flight. Their choice but my observation after 42 years of travel is they arrive at precisely the same time as those sitting in coach seats.

Now it gets interesting. They then board those with “Priority Status”. There are carpets on the floor with a pylon separating the two colors, red for the really important people and blue for all the rest. Really? There is a sign that says “Priority” to the left on the red carpet and one that says “General Boarding” to the right using the blue carpet. They then board by zones, 1-3 or 4 etc.

Now we come to the “Pseudo Pious” aspect of this article. Those who boarded first, using the red carpet for the really important people, are already seated as those in the ‘general boarding’ category enter the plane. Those already seated look with a jaundiced sneer at these poor underlings that must sit in coach. They even tilt their noses in the air a bit so that all are aware of their “priority status”.

How sad. We would all be well served if we simply regarded one another as Image Bearers made in the image of God and worthy of honor, dignity and respect. If we cared enough to notice when a fellow passenger may be struggling. Speak with them. Ask how we might help. Give them a Business Card. Tell them to call or send an email.

There is nothing wrong with priority status or seating. There is however something very very wrong when one thinks they are better than the others on this flight. Thus the “Pseudo Priority” label. Next time you board a flight be sure you understand that we are all pilgrims on a journey to our eternal destiny. Humility is a rare commodity. and it brings such a refreshing reality to life!

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