Pastoring A Pastor

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“Did I wake you up?” the caller said. It was 7:30 AM. We have been friends for 20 years. My response – ‘How long have you known me; I get up at 4:30 AM!’

‘I just need some one to listen to me’ was the opening line of our conversation.

I took this man to Africa with me. I showed him how to pack after ten (10) days on mission. You put the suit case on the bed. You open it. You grab all your belongings. You chuck them in the suit case. You close the lid. You are ready to fly. It takes not more than 60 seconds.  His wife was mortified. He loved it. That brief anecdote is a snap shot in the Video of our years of friendship. Laughter, tears, prayers, anger, silence, frustration – – but always lunch on Tuesday.

In November 2012 we moved to AL from SC after ministry there for 20 years. The caller was another Pastor. We have been friends in the best sense of the word through those years. On one occasion I went to their home and told him “You WILL NOT QUIT!” His wife wept openly. They were ‘fried’ by the reality of pastoral ministry. He listened.

He told me “I lost my Pastor”. Those words are priceless. I set aside my agenda to draft this BLOG. Every Pastor should Pastor another Pastor.

Our conversation was 30 minutes of perspective. I was able to walk him through the issues he was deliberating. We reached a conclusion that makes sense from a biblical, practical and emotional point of view. That call was not on my “Agenda” but it may well be the most important thing I do today or this week.

He read me a poem his 5 year old grandson had written for him upon his departure after their most recent visit. That is the stuff of real friendship. Loyalty wrapped in TRUTH, Honesty and Integrity.

A question for every Pastor – – ‘Do you have another Pastor who regards you as his Pastor?’ You should. The joy of that role is abundant. I also find it much like the way the Good Shepherd meets with me in every circumstance. His promise to us “I am with you!” Who is your Pastor? Who are you Pastoring?

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