Sound Doctrine & Church Health

September 27, 2013 by  
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Recently read the Book of Titus in my Bible Reading routine. I noted in Titus 1:9 & 2:1 the meaning of the word translated ‘sound’.

The word is ‘ugiainousei. (cf. Arndt & Ginrich pp. 839-840)

The ministry of IgniteUS is dedicated to seeing the church become Healthy & Effective disciplemakers. The church is a theological entity. When and only then the church practices Sound Doctrine can she be healthy. We provide what we have labeled our 14 Effectiveness Criteria. These areas when embraced with integrity result in a healthy & effective NT church.

More to come in the 10/15 News Letter. Ask yourself this question – – If the church I lead is only as healthy as our adherence to sound doctrine, what is the health of that church?

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