The Almond Tree Blossoms

October 25, 2013 by  
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Solomon describes the aging process in Eccl. 12:5 by using the Almond Tree. When the blossoms come to full maturity they are grey in color. When an old man looks in the mirror his hair is grey (if he has any!)

This is the inevitable cycle of life. We are born. We race through the arrogance of our youth. All too soon we look in the mirror and we are grey! Yikes.

This cycle of aging is also true for churches, all organizations. They are born, they flourish. They age.

I am working with a church, once filled with 2,700 members. They now have 371 ‘on the role’. 47% of this number are age 70+. The actuarial table for a male in this state says the expected life span is 78 years of age. 38% of this number are already above age 75.

It is extremely difficult (as in nearly impossible) to affect transformation among such a demographic.

The Lesson – DO NOT squander the days of your youth local church. Constant unending relentless Reformation & Renewal from the day you are born is the best antidote to this Almond Blossom Syndrome.

What is the demographic age of the church where you serve? Better know this and sooner rather than later!!!

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