The “Grey Tsunami” & The Church

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The ‘Grey Tsunami’ is the economic, ecological and social effects that the baby boom generation is creating as it gets older.

COLUMBIA, SC — Lt. Gov. Glenn McConnell warned lawmakers Wednesday that a failure to prepare for South Carolina’s oncoming “gray tsunami” will cause a budget crisis and human tragedies.

RICHMOND, VA news – Gray and Howarth are part of a booming demographic colloquially dubbed the grey tsunami. According to Statistics Canada, in 2011 Richmond’s seniors population – those over the age of 65 – was 26,000, representing about 14 per cent of the population. In 10 years, that rate should be about one quarter as baby boomers reach retirement age. By 2040, roughly half the population will be over age 55.

The ‘Grey Tsunami’ is a major factor in considering the health and future of the local church. I am working with a church of 370 people. 47% of them are over the age of 70. 15% of them are over the age of 90! Only 15% are 30 or under.

The implications of this are obvious to anyone with even modest intelligence. But, churches deny this reality with impunity. Entire States, yea entire nations are alarmed and taking action to address the ramifications of this reality.

The church – not so much. The Median Age of the population of the United States is 39. The Median Age of the church in the United States is 58. The church will be swept away by the Grey Tsunami if they do not take immediate and significant steps to reach young people.

After all, isn’t that the mandate of the Great Commission in the first place?

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