Finding Elijah

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In the far away and long ago past there was a trivia game called ‘Finding Waldo’. The objective was to look at a picture featuring thousands of faces and in that collage of individuals ‘find Waldo’. This exercise provides an analogy of the way in which churches call Pastors.
They accumulate a catalog of ‘faces’ (Resumes of aspiring Candidates). They sort through the myriad of potential candidates until they identify the ‘top five’. They then parade them through the assembly in what amounts to a popularity contest. This is the equivalent of a ‘Beauty Contest’. The ‘Winner’ becomes their next Pastor.
How does this process rate in terms of effectiveness? Not so well. The average Pastoral Tenure is four and one-half (4 1/2) years. There is a better way. PLEASE think carefully about this issue.
Analysis – Why does this process fail to produce effective long-term Pastoral Leadership?
1.  This process if focused on the wrong priority.
2.  This process is seeking leadership while looking in the rear view mirror.
3.  This process does not match the man with the church and the church with the man.
4.  This process is most often executed in the ‘tyranny of the urgent mode’. Find a man quick.
5.  This process fails to consider the most essential quality of a man – Character.
Recommendation – Secure the services of an Outside Voice that provides a time tested process.
When you have a heart attack, you seek the counsel of the best Cardiologist you can find. When you have a serious fracture, you seek the counsel of the best Orthopedist you can find. Does it not make biblical rational sense to do the same when seeking a man that will shape the Spiritual Formation of God’s people for years to come?
1.  This process is focused on the right priority.
2.  This process seeks leadership looking to the ministry future of the church not the past.
3.  This process carefully matches the man with the church and the church with the man.
4.  This process is deliberate and precise, not hasty and frantic.
5.  This process applies multiple Assessments and strategic vetting to assess the man’s Character.
Summary – Sin in haste and repent at leisure.
When seeking Pastoral Leadership the dividends secured by engaging the best possible counsel and resources are significant. The church secures the benefit of a Pastor who is a ‘FIT’. They have some certainty that all the necessary skills and competencies are present in this new leader that will guide their journey into God’s future for their assembly.
You may not be interested in finding Waldo (I never was), but Finding Elijah is Priority #1 for the assembly in which you worship.

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