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In December we will have been married 55 years. Over that half-century plus we have benefited in numerous ways because of a habit my wife has practiced with great faithfulness. What is that practice? She reads the fine print.

When I read the news paper I pass over 95% of what I regard as gibberish. I do not read advertisements. I read the last paragraph of editorial articles. I speed read much of what is foisted upon us and labeled as news. I consume less than 1/3 of a cup of coffee in the entire exercise.

When my wife read that same news paper she reads every line. She consumes two full cups of coffee in the span of time in which she reads that same paper. She reads the advertisements. She reads the social page and discovers who is marrying whom. She reads the obituaries and knows who dies, who is related to whom, etc. She knows what is in that paper when she finishes.

Application – When it comes to God’s Word we would all benefit from adopting my wife’s life long habit. She reads through the Bible twice each year. She reads while listening to the Scripture on DVD’s. She knows what God’s Word says. She is equipped to live in obedience because she has ‘Read The Fine Print!’

We have saved significant sums of money because she reads the fine print. My riding mower is 15 years old. We purchased that piece of equipment one Father’s Day because she read the fine print. We purchased that mower at a 30% savings. We are able to enjoy fine dining at greatly reduced prices because she reads the fine print. Our grand children receive wonderful gifts for their birthdays because she reads the fine print.

Let me encourage you to adopt and embrace her habit. Read the fine print. Life will be greatly enriched and enjoyable when you do so.

Read the Word of God Prayerfully, Carefully and in precise and express detail. Then apply Truth to Life and know God’s richest blessing and the power of Truth lived out with consistency!

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