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October is Pastor Appreciation Month. Were I to have the opportunity I would designate Pastor Appreciation an expression to be acclaimed 365 days a year. Since I do not have that prerogative, I express those sentiments in this post. Pastor, you are appreciated. Your ministry is appreciated. Your wife and family are appreciated. Be encouraged. Rejoice that you labor in an area that produces an eternal reward – the Transformation of God’s people into the fullness of the image of Christ.

I recently read an anonymous post by a man who lamented his role as a pastor. It was filled with angst, sorrow, and struggles associated with that office. It is my conviction that he should relieve himself of this angst, step down and seek a role in which he finds satisfaction. He dishonors God, himself, his family, and the church by remaining. I have compassion for him and pray he soon resolves this horrible tension.

I began vocational ministry in March 1969. There have been hard times. There have been glorious times. God has taken me to 27 countries around the globe to equip and encourage other pastors. There is no greater honor.

If you are a pastor today who proclaims the whole counsel of God with integrity (Acts 20:27-28) then you are in my eyes worthy of honor and affirmation. Having stood, therefore STAND!!

 Lord, help my Pastor, I pray
There are many obstacles in his way
Every burden help him to bear
Dear Lord, keep him in Your tender care
Give him strength and the ability
To care for the church and his family
Lord, there is so much he has to do
He can’t do alone, he surely needs You
So shelter him in Your loving arms
Safe from all danger and unseen harm
Guard his mouth, his heart and mind
Remove every tittle of sin and pride
Keep him in the hour of temptation
May he not be moved by Satan’s persuasion
Remove all fears, Lord, remove all doubt
By Your Spirit, Lord, be in his mouth
So that he will speak a word that is due
And bring Your dear people closer to You

In Jesus Name, Amen.

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