The Evangelical Church in America

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What is your perspective on the Evangelical Church in America? On a scale of 1-10, where are you? Are you a Pastor who is just going through the motions? Is your ‘ministry’ best characterized as filled with passionate hope and a zealous pursuit of all that God promises, or, are you a ‘minister of maintenance’ just managing programs?

What would you like to be? Are you willing to pay the price necessary to be that kind of Leader?

There are a host of “Evangelical Luminaries” that have essentially given up. They have retreated to a variety of ‘alternative forms’ of church. IgniteUS believes that God uses men. He always has and He always will. The church is first and foremost a Theological entity. The problems she currently faces are primarily theological in nature. The solutions are theological, not methodological.

IgniteUS exists to equip & encourage men who have the bold audacity to trust God. We offer a theological principle based process that equips Pastors to function as Leaders. Read 2 Chronicles 15. Asa served in a very dark and spiritually impotent period in Israel’s history. He ‘took courage’ and God used him to turn the nation.

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2 Responses to “The Evangelical Church in America”
  1. Mickey says:

    Grief is the word to describe my reaction to the state of the church in the U.S. Enormous wealth spent on itself, or in-fighting over REAL issues such as worship styles, or power struggles by tribal chiefs…mark the church more than love covering a multitude of sins and grace overflowing in the liberating truth of God’s Word. We’ve viewing Scripture through the lens of culture rather than culture through the lens of Scripture and we are paying the price. Raw obedience to God’s Word goes out the window when it challenges our emotional comfort zone. Keep up the work. Desperately needed.

  2. Gail Duran says:

    Tom, pastors are being attacked daily by thier own flock. The people inside of the “Fold” are filled with apathy. This apathy is affecting every church in America. The pastors need IGniteUS leadership programs, quick. The men in the American homes are not stepping up to the plate and therfore, the families of America are in dire condition. The raw obedience to God’s word, needs to
    be taught to every man and in every home. The strength of our nation rests on the condition of our families. Your leadership program is desperately needed! Continue to keep your Eye on the cross and your Hand on the Plow!