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I recently read a tribute to Jerry Falwell. The writer confessed (like most of us) that he did NOT agree with EVERYTHING that Jerry did or said.

However, what he did appreciate about Jerry was his READY – – AIM – – FIRE!!!! approach to Leadership and Ministry. AMEN. History is yet to reveal just how significant his contribution to ministry and to America has been or will be.

So many so called Leaders are READY – – AIM – – AIM – – AIM – – and AIM some more pseudo Leaders. Wisdom & Prudence are always in order. The Paralysis of Analysis is NOT Leadership. The most frequently cited justification for this syndrome is “we will pray about it.” The translation of that is – – this one is DOA = dead on arrival, NOTHING of significance that brings biblical Transformation will ever be done. We must protect our “ism” above all else and at all costs including grieving the Holy Spirit who is God. Paul wrote something about not putting out the Spirit’s fire (1 Thess. 5:19).

There are several “isms” that profoundly hinder ministry. Traditional – ism. Denominational – ism. etc. etc. When a legitimate and valid ministry initiative becomes an “ism” that initiative is doomed. God does not establish and bless such lukewarm cowardice (Rev. 3:16-18).

So, what is your approach to ministry initiatives? Are you are a READY – – AIM – – FIRE!!! kind of Leader, or, are you guilty of putting out the Spirit’s fire? That is a profile worth examining.

READY – – AIM – – FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tom Fillinger

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