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Heb. 13:17 is often cited by frustrated Pastors. Their angst is caused by the fact that while they think they are leading, no one is following. In this verse the words that we read in our English Bibles “your leaders” is in fact a participle that is accurately translated ‘the ones leading you’. Could it be – – if no one is following, you are not leading?

Barna said in his “New Directions Letter” of April 2005:

My concern has always been whether or not our assistance really made any difference in people’s lives. The most discouraging study we ever conducted was one in which we attempted to identify churches in the U.S. that consistently and intelligently evaluate life transformation among the people to whom they minister. We found that very few churches – emphasis on very – measure anything beyond attendance, donations, square footage, number of programs and size of staff. None of that necessarily reflects life transformation. Further, our on-going research continued to show that churches do not act strategically because of a paucity of leadership. My objective had always been to get good information into the hands of leaders so they would convert those insights into great strategic decisions about how to minister more obediently and effectively. Not having the leaders in place to utilize such information was an obstacle I had not foreseen.

We do well to avoid the egregious error of offering simplistic answers to complex questions. The fact that many do not submit to pastoral Leadership is attributable to the fact that they are simply unregenerate. The churches of America are populated by people who “know not the LORD”. They DO NOT acknowledge the authority of Scripture nor are they able to in this lost condition.

On the other side of this chasm are those who have the position or title of “Leader” but exercise none of the essential qualities of a Leader.

So Pastor, the next time you lament the fact that no one is following, look in the mirror and not out the window. You may discover the cause. If in fact you suspect you are the problem, call us. We will walk with you on the journey required to become a more effective and transformational leader. God promised Asa (2 Chron. 15) that God is with those who are with Him. You can become a better Leader. It makes an eternal difference.

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  1. Pastor D says:

    I think Rick Warren writes in several places that you can tell if you are a leader by looking over your shoulder and seeing if anyone is following. I have a visceral reaction against that idea. My seminary alma mater has changed their curriculum to emphasize leadership at the expense of the “librarian’s” course that emphasized Biblical studies, exegesis, theology, and languages. (I think they should call it an MCA – master of church administration – but they call it an M.Div.) There is nothing wrong with teaching leadership, but our primary burden and area of authority is scripture. If you are not communicating God’s message accurately you should hope that nobody DOES follow you. Small wonder the church in America is so shallow and so fragile.

  2. Tom - IgniteUS, Inc. says:

    Pastor D,

    You are on target. This is a both and not an either or issue.

    We must exercise prudent leadership.

    That leadership must be based upon and drawn from the text of Scripture through the practice of sound exegesis.

    The church is the piollar and ground (buttress ESV)of Truth.

    God raise up a legion of Leaders with this conviction and practice in ministry.