TRUTH – – Hidden Under a Bushel??

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I just returned from investing a week of ministry in Western Europe. This is the land of THE REFORMATION. One of the delightful experiences I enjoyed was a tour of the Delft Blue Pottery Factory. Our guide was a very well informed and gracious lady. She took us through a garden that is impeccably apportioned and groomed. One of the exits from that garden is through a door over which is a mantle with the greek letters Alpha & Omega. Between those letters is a carving of “The Lamb Slain From the Foundation of The World”. She knew nothing of the significance of the greek alphabet, and even more egregious, she knew absolutely nothing about The Lamb. I shared both with her. Her primary interest was completing the tour.

My question – How was the knowledge of the liberating power of the gospel lost? Luther, Calvin and a multitude of others to numerous to list here gave their very lives to decalre this Truth. I visited the burial place of William of Orange, credited with founding the Netherlands and a giant in promoting Truth.

Jesus made a statement that still shakes the citadels of Christianity – – A city on a hill cannot be hidden. His imagery in this passage is Salt & Light. He is speaking of those who are His disciples, His followers. When the church looses her saltiness and hides her light under a bushel, evil flourishes and the guide knows nothing of The Lamb.

How far is North America behind Europe? Not far.

Rise up oh men of God,
have done with lesser things,
Give heart and mind and soul and strength
To serve the King of Kings.
How bright is your light – how salty your leadership and life?

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