Flu Shots & Innoculation

November 16, 2007 by  
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Today my wife & I complied with conventional wisdom. We received a flu shot. On the way to our appointment, we first “fueled up” at STARBUCKS. Supposedly we will not succumb to the flu this winter, at least not a version that will be deadly.

This makes me ask a disturbing and probing question. Have those who participate in the life of the church been inoculated? Do they have just enough relationship to make them a genuine disciple, a real follower of Christ – – but – – not a threat to become a wholly devoted passionate world changing, world shaking ???????

Seems to me that there is a very real and binding command that I must obey daily. It is a command to die (Luke 9:23). Further, that death is by crucifixion – – deny self, take up your cross daily. That is the petibulum, the cross member of that most cruel of deaths.

Then and only then am I ready to Follow. Just wondering.

What do you think?

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