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Several years ago, an evangelical spokesperson said, “It is time that evangelicals are known for what we are for, not, just what we are against.” A cogent and reasonable appeal.

Why was it necessary to make such an appeal? Because the usual approach to polemics in the evangelical world is ad hominem attacks. I may not have the best case, but I will surely make you wish you had never engaged the discussion when I am through trashing your person, character and maybe even your family! Sadly, none of what I have just written is unusual.

Knee Jerk Reaction

The tragic typical response on the part of many has been to abandon the clear and unambiguous declaration of the text of Scripture. We now must deal with such bewildering nonsense as ‘Open Theism’, ‘Post Modern Hermeneutics’, the ‘New Perspective on Paul’, ad infinitum, ad nauseum. **PLEASE NOTE** I addressed issues not personalities. Each of us must stand for and by the positions we articulate. However, in such dialogue all parties should appeal to the accurate exegesis of the text of Scripture. It is never wise, prudent or permissible to permit the dialogue to degenerate into personal attacks. Humor, satire, but not ridicule or attacks.

A Better Way

The following is a first draft attempt to restore sound exegesis and biblical authority to the ministry of the evangelical church. I welcome your dialgoue on this subject. Principles essential to this process are:

1. An uncompromised conviction that the Bible is God’s Word and is fully sufficient for faith and practice.

2. The Bible addresses either in precept or principle every aspect of life. We may draw clear direction for life and ministry by correctlyunderstanding God’s revelation.

3. The foundatin for all such dialogue must be the accurate exegesis of the text on the given subject.

4. The Holy Spirit intended one interpretation for each passage of Scripture.

5. The possible outcomes are:

a. you are correct and I am incorrect
b. I am correct and you are incorrect
c. both of us are incorrect
d. but it is not possible to arrive at differing interpretations and claim
that our exegesis is correct

6. The end of the matter must be Applied Theology.

God’s people when coming face to face with the declarations of Scritpure must surrender (Luke 9:23), be Transfromed (Rom. 12:2), and live as Salt & Light (Matt. 5:13-16)in an increasingly dark and decadent America. We must bring Life in Community to the fabric of the evangelical church through obeying the one another commands of the text. Jesus has given us the means. Do we have the courage as Pastor/Shepherds/Leaders to apply the text to life?

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