Are we in another Babylonian Captivity?

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This question is always on my mind. Has God taken His hand off of the evangelical church in America? Is there, as some claim, a sweeping revival coming? What objective credible evidence may be presented to substantiate this expectation? Not just ‘Cable TV hype’ , but genuine evidence of God’s presence and power among us. A honest researcher will be hard pressed to offer much of substance.

The following criteria represent a partial list of the spiritual dynamics that please our God. In light of this he MAY be disposed to once again “establish the work of our hands” (Psalm 90:17). That was Moses’ prayer, probably near the end of His life. We would all do well to pray this with passion on a daily basis.

Confession of Sin – Personal & Corporate; agreeing with God. The text uses the word ‘homologeo’, viewing our thoughts, words and deeds exactly as God does (1John 1:9).
Repentance of Sin – Turning around; a distinct change of conduct, ceasing to sin and pursuing our life in Chirst, the expression of righteousness found only in Him.
Wholeheartedness – This would bring incredible transformation to the church in broad and sweeping terms (2 Chron. 15:10-15; Eph. 6:7).
Life in Community – Every true believer living in obedience to all of the one another commands of the NT. The world would take note of this and the church would be immersed in the presence and power of our God.

Psalm 137 records the agony of soul expressed by the Israelites who endured the 70 years of Babylon. They could not sing the songs of Zion while in a foreign land. Their captivity was geographical and national. The captivity of the church in the West is no less real. How can we sing the songs of triumph and genuine effectiveness while we languish in cultural captivity and spiritual impotence?

Until God in His Sovereign grace chooses to free us, IgniteUS pursues a remnant. That remnant is made up of those few leaders who seek His face. God has always had a remnant. He always will. He delights in showing Himself mighty by bringing victory out of what appears to be insurmountable odds against His people. (Judges 7).

Are you that leader?

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