Wise Leaders – Tough Times

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Who watches the Dow Jones Averages these days and just gets a positive rush? NOT!!

These are the most traumatic times in my lifetime. There is turmoil on a global scale. The economy is in the tank. The messiah complex reigns in Wash DC. Remember, salvation never has and never will come out of DC. I am from the government and I am here to help you. Right!

I am suggesting that each of our readers develop a “Plan B” strategy for their own family and for the assembly they worship and serve with. It consists of four (4) simple factors. Here they are.

1. Celebration – Where & When will you gather for Worship if there is a disruption in the supply of gas or other factors that may prevent the continuation of your current routines? Corporate Praise & Worship should not be dictated by circumstance.

2. Transportation – What if you cannot purchase gasoline? Is there a way to car pool, meet in homes in geographic regions, simply walk. You won’t even need to get on the treadmill if you walk.

3. Communication – What if your cell phone, Blackberry, etc. does not function? I think all the Carrier Pigeons are dead. So, how will we connect if the current means are not available?

4. Preservation – What will you drink if the water supply is contaminated? What will you eat if Wal Mart suddenly has no stuff on the shelves because the delivery trucks did not arrive? A rubber maid tub containing a few thoughtfully chosen items may be a wise addition to one of your closets.

I live in SC. We have Hurricanes. There are always those people who ignore all the warnings until the disaster strikes. We had a former Governor who botched an evacuation and he got to retire early as a result of the lack of planning. Perhaps just a little prudent action and preparation will prove beneficial in the days ahead.

He who gathers crops in summer is a wise son,

but he who sleeps during harvest is a disgraceful son. (Prov. 10:5)

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