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Back in the day the phrase ‘This ain’t your Grandpa’s Oldsmobile’ expressed a great deal about the level of change that had taken place. Well, it is a challenge to capture appropriate language to properly express the level of change that has and will continue to shape the church in America. I merely list some of the factors demanding change in the American Church in exhibiting fidelity to the Great Commission.

1. The Covid-19 virus that has produced a virtual shut down of the church and most of the other factors in our culture; Business, Transportation, Educational Institutions, etc.

2. An aging demographic. Many evangelical churches are populated by a large % of the members who are in the 65+ age category.

3. The rapid and continuing growth of Antinomianism and Anarchy that is virtually destroying cities and the stability of the American culture.

4. The open and expressed hatred of any and all expressions of Christian Theism driven by the educational institutions and the Media.

5. The paucity of Biblical Literacy prevalent in the majority of churches. Very few people are capable of living daily in obedience to 1Peter 3:15 so their voice are virtually silent in a time when they should be presenting the glory and splendor of the Gospel in the Marketplace with grace and power.

6. The Capitulation to Culture by many churches. There is more of the world in the church than there is the church in the world. This results in an impotent church that is shunned by the majority of people.

7. The loss of a clear and compelling understanding of the mission and purpose of the church – Make Disciples not mere ‘converts’.


Jesus graciously informed and prepared us for just such a scenario (Matt. 24:10; Luke 6:22). He commanded us to be engaged in the work of the Kingdom until He returns. Are you working and calling others to join you?

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