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The Gordian Knot – The Barna Report on December 21, 2009 shines the light of reality on this issue of Leadership and an Objective Metric for the evaluation of ministry in the local church. Why was this not been incorporated as an essential and standard component of Denominational structures years ago? Good and godly men saw the decline coming and sounded the alarm. They conducted themselves as Watchmen on the Wall. They were ignored with impunity and regarded with disdain, nay-sayers, troublemakers. For the most part, they still are. Serious and lethal mistake. Consult the work of David Olson  (The American Church in Crisis) www.theamericanchhurch.org for confirmation of this statement. Decline is the MO of virtually every denominational entity in the USA. Yet, there remains a rigid and unrelenting resistance to the evaluation of real Transformation and Spiritual Formation.

Theme 4: Effective and periodic measurement of spirituality – conducted personally or through a church – is not common at this time and it is not likely to become common in the near future.

“There are two levels on which evaluation of where we stand spiritually can take place,” noted the California-based author. “There can be external measurement, such as that conducted by pastors, teachers, coaches or peers, and there can be self-evaluation. At the moment, we’re seeing very little of either form of review related to a person’s spiritual condition.

“Not surprisingly,” he continued, “our research found that a majority of churchgoing adults are uncertain as to what their church would define as a ‘healthy, spiritually mature follower of Christ’ and they were no more likely to have personally developed a clear notion of such a life.

“It may well be that spiritual evaluation is so uncommon because people fear that the results might suggest the need for different growth strategies or for more aggressive engagement in the growth process. No matter what the underlying reason is, the bottom line among both the clergy and laity was indifference toward their acknowledged lack of evaluation. That suggests there is not likely to be much change in this dimension in the immediate future.

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