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Good to talk with you this morning and to find you are still upright. That is good!!
I am writing because I am compelled by two specific issues. One, the Scripture. Two, my Covenant as a Church Consultant. In that order of priority. Let me explain.
Our Second Son is a Surgeon. If you went to him with cancer in your left leg and he said, “Well, we won’t bother that left leg, but, I will sure address the rest of your body. We will tune it up and you will be good as new, except of course for that cancer in your left leg.” You would immediately call the AMA and report this guy as a quack! Why do I craft such a bizarre story?
Because this is precisely how the majority of pastors and churches approach Reformation and Renewal. In our conversation you said you have considered working on the Leaders in your assembly (using a friend from XXXXXX). No question – that is absolutely necessary. I affirm that observation. But, if you simply address this aspect of the life of that body and ignore the cancer that is raging in the other parts, you are still GOING TO DIE!!!
Bringing a church to a posture of Healthy & Effective is not possible unless ALL parts of the Body are submitted to careful examination, repentance and restoration – bringing them into harmony with the profile that the text of Scripture provides. The church is a Theological entity and the ONLY remedy for her ills is Theological – – applied comprehensively. Since 1984  I have witnessed multitudes (100’s) of Pastors attempt what you propose. Every single one of them went down in flames – – EVERY ONE. I plead with you. DO NOT DO THAT!  You MUST address the entire body; Strategically, Intentionally and in an Integrated fashion. No part escapes the probing eye of the Head of that Body. Not one part! That my brother is Applied or Integrated Theology.
Back to my two compelling issues. I believe you already know my perspective on the Scripture. God’s revelation of Himself is Revealed, Absolute, Authoritative, Propositional, Transcendent, Incarnate and Transforming. His Word is forever settled in heaven. We are not at liberty to modify that Word nor are we at liberty to apply what I call the Dear Abby Approach to Applied Theology – – I pick the parts I like and ignore the rest.
I am attaching a copy of the Code of Ethics that I am bound by as a Consultant with the Society for Church Consulting. This is self-explanatory. I would be remiss if I did not send you this message.
I will give you a few days to chew on this and then call to review. My desire is to see you as a Pastor and the church you serve flourish with Health & Effectiveness. For that to transpire you must grapple with the profile I am presenting and convince me that I am mistaken. Praying for you. Be encouraged. Read 2 Chron. 15. Asa found COURAGE to do what needed to be done and he did it. You can too.
In Grace,

Tom Fillinger, CEO
IgniteUS, Inc.
1540 Elmtree
Columbia SC 29209
803 776 5282

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