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Monday, November 15, 2010

There is a crisis in the American Church. It is gender specific. There is an alarming
paucity of men that are willing to engage key roles in Leadership.I speak to numerous
Pastors every day in various parts of the USA & Canada. Regardless of the geographic
location, the Denominational affiliation or the church size, this is an issue. It is not
becoming an issue – – it already is an issue. This fact causes a variety of dysfunctional
anomalies in the assembly. There is a domino affect. First, more and more tasks are
performed by fewer and fewer people. Those people suffer what is often labeled “Burn Out”.
Then, those people say, “Enough is Enough!” They drop out. This produces the final and fatal
issue – the Pastor becomes the Lone Ranger.

There is also a sequel to this. The Pastor becomes weary, exhausted, worn out. This produces
discouragement that borders on Depression.

There is a solution. It requires significant courage on the part of the Pastor. Here is
a proposed sequence for dealing with this issue in a local congregation.

Short Term:

A. The Pastor provides the body with 90 days advance notice of the problem. He does so
with dignity and grace. He does not berate anyone. he simply states the problem with
frontal honesty.

B. The profile is this. After three months the following list of ministry issues will
NOT BE TRANSACTED unless qualified people step forward to do them. No compromise.

C. There is a frequent and sincere offer to train people qualified and willing to do
these tasks.

D. Frequent reporting is provided to the congregation keeping them apprised of the
progress or lack of same.

Long Term:

A. Teach the body the biblical profile for the men of the assembly; (Deacon, Elder).

B. Apply a biblical standard in enlisting men to be trained and equipped as leaders.

C. Establish the levels of maturity that must be achieved to serve in the various
ministry venues.If any given assembly will do just these things significant progress
will be made. If the body will not embrace this profile, why would a man want to
contiue to serve there as Pastor? He is merely an endentured servant, not a Leader .
Think about this and read the following sent to me today from a Pastor in this very
scenario – then pray for him and others in a similar situation.

I am struggling, as usual, with the whole idea of XXXXXXX being a small church
not sustaining any real growth. I look at how we are doing ministry, and I truly
believe that we are doing things right, at least when I compare us to what I hear
about from other churches in our area. It is truly a shame to me at how churches
around us are growing, yet they NEVER preach the gospel. They NEVER preach God’s

Their corporate worship is nothing but the sappy, wimpy songs played on the Christian
radio-it sucks badly. Yet they grow. They have happening youth groups. They have
dynamic small groups. . . . Several new churches have sprung up around here and they
have already moved into larger facilities–things we have never been able to do. I
get very discouraged.

If it is merely a matter of leadership, then I do not think I am going to make it. I
should just quit ministry. There is no hope for me. I have deluded myself all these
years into thinking God has called me to this, sent me to Bible college and seminary
(all paid for), given me experience, a vision, and a passion for his Word and his
glory in starting this kind of church, blah, blah, blah. This has become a joke of
life-wasting proportions. I have witnessed the gospel to many people, have seen it
working in people’s lives, only to fizzle out again–over and over. . . .

XXXXXX is not the typical church, governed by the Jones’ and the Smiths, or in a
battle over which one rules. XXXXXX is not a weak church. The core of our people are
generally mature and strong. There are some high maintenance stragglers to be sure
and some stress people, but I know they exist even the best churches.

Anyway, maybe you can help me figure out some of this.

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