Orthodoxy Under Seige

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I asked xxxxxxx  once for his testimony, and he gave me the most convoluted story I
ever heard. Jesus appeared to him in a dream and was standing with his back toward
him. That’s how he expresses his calling. On the few occasions I’ve heard him
deliver a “message,” it’s been pieces of shear nonsense tied together with utter
incoherent gobbledegook. I have the opinion, and maybe I’m just not as knowledgeable
as I should be, but I think his main problem is a lack of regeneration, y’think?

The quote posted above is describing the ‘Pastor’ of a church plant. This initiative to my knowledge has no support from any other local church. There is no apparent connection to any denominational affiliation. There is no defined doctrinal statement or posture that is known. It appears to be simply the autonomous private agenda of one person.

Please understand, I am by no means opposed to church planting. I also do not believe that there is not a place for purely ‘independent’ assemblies. I also rejoice when there is a genuine effort to establish a light house for the gospel message.

Having stated those caveats, I believe this kind of initiative is far more prevalent than we may realize. The issues that concern me are:

*  The mantle of orthodoxy is under assault to say the least.

*  There is no process in place for accountability in the account above. When the Apostle Paul planted churches he regularly presented himself for accountability and review. There was a clear circle of regenerate people with whom he related and connected.

*  Whoever isolates himself seeks his own desire; he breaks out against all sound judgment. (Prov. 18:1, ESV).

*  The historic position of the orthodox church through the centuries has been the full Authority and Trustworthiness of the Special Revelation of God, our Bible.

*  The historic position of the orthodox church through the centuries has been the Sufficiency of Scripture. Today there are a host of ‘extra-biblical’ positions supported by “experience” but not the work and result of sound exegesis.

It is the conviction of this writer we need to go back to Vince Lombardi – – gentlemen, this is the Bible!

What say you??

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