Desperate <> Urgent

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Monday January 10, 2011

God is never desperate. We as His people should not be either. Urgency is another matter.

Webster’s Dictionary definition of “Desperate”

1.   loss of hope and surrender to despair

2.   a state of hopelessness leading to rashness

Webster’s Dictionary definition of “Urgent”

1.  a.  calling for immediate attention : PRESSING <urgent appeals> <an urgent need>
     b.  conveying a sense of urgency

2.  urging insistently : IMPORTUNATE

The text of Scripture speaks in language that expresses urgency (Eph. 5:11-16; 2 Tim. 2:14-15). When I launched what is now IgniteUS it was Nero’s Broken Fiddle. Why?

Nero fiddled while Rome burned, or so the story goes. The church has been ‘fiddling’ while the world perishes. We have been engaged in the Great Commission for 2,000 years and there are still 3 Billion people who have not heard the name of Jesus or the Gospel in its fullness. Years later, I read one of David Well’s five titles in the series he wrote from 1993 – 2009. The final title in that series is The Courage To Be Protestant. He used that exact terminology to describe the conduct of the church in this time – – fiddling!

Not many so called leaders can honestly claim that honorable distinction (Couragesous). There is a clear and compelling case for Urgency in the church in America, yet, we find very little. When I speak to 100 pastors perhaps 15-20 are even interested in CONSIDERING the Reformation & Renewal process. It is easier to maintain status quo, manage activity, but, not make Disciples. That is much too arduous.

So, where are you on this continuum? The truth is this. If we do not labor and serve with a sense of urgency we will ultimately be found in a state of desperation.

Think about this, pray and join the remnant who have engaged the opportunity to honor Christ, make disciples and fulfill the Great Commission. You will be so very glad you did. God’s best as you serve and lead with COURAGE!

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