Methodology or Theology?

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February 28, 2011 #9

This past week I listened to a 30 minute Conference Call. The topic focused on bringing change in church when change is needed but not wanted. By the way, this is almost ALWAYS true.

There were many salient and accurate observations related to the issue of changes and how to implement same without doing more damage than good. There could be no doubt that those participating in that call were faced with the challenges that process brings. They genuinely wanted to benefit the people they serve. They appeared to desire good and not harm for the church.

BUT – – in that entire span of time I cannot recall one single reference to the text of Scripture, not ONE. The church is a theological entity. All TRUTH is God’s Truth. That being true, and it is, the observations proffered had merit. However, it only takes on generation of departure from sound doctrine to completely lose centuries of orthodoxy. Compare the recent declaration by a certain pseudo-leader abandoning marriage being constituted as the union of one man to one woman.

Unless there is a clear and irrefutable theological foundation for the policies and actions of the church, she becomes just another social agency. That by the way is already a visible phenomenon. TRUTH is absolute and transcendent. The Authority for Church is outside of and beyond the postulates of ‘theologians’ who aren’t. if you do not apply the text you aren’t. There are those who promote the raking of leaves on Sunday morning as a substitute for Worship. WHAT? Yep, that is what some of the ‘Missional” folks are declaring. Should we help the elderly? You bet. Is it a good thing when faith is expressed outside the four walls of a building called a church? You bet. But, not when the fundamental constructs of historic Christian Theism are abandoned on a nearly wholesale basis. We are already there in case you have not noticed.

I am not speaking of some mindless “proof texting” exercise. I am speaking of sound, accurate and compassionate exegesis in which the text in context is always our foundation for faith and practice. I invite your thoughts and observations on these few thoughts concerning “Church”. THANKS!

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