Theological Metrics for Ministry

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Yesterday (05/27/11) we produced a Video containing instruction for the application of the 14 Effectiveness Criteria developed by IgniteUS. This is even more joy-filled because it is being done collaboratively with the Columbia Metro Association. Our prayer is that this will guide pastors and leaders to take the first step in ‘Measuring ministry by Transformation and not mere activity’.
I saw a great quote posted on the 9 Marks web site that speaks to this issue. As you read these few words Pastor, ask yourself with level 1 honesty – – “How am I doing in ministry when measured by this standard? God’s best as you press toward this excellence.

by Jonathan Leeman

Great post from Michael Oh over at Desiring God on the Danger of “Fruitfulness” in the minister’s life without his own purity. Here’s an excerpt:

The second “cardinal sin” of leadership is mistaking “fruitfulness” for holiness. We can often become easily enamored with the shininess and abundance of “fruit.” “Successful” ministry is not measured by numeric indicators. When Christ addresses the seven churches in Revelation, does he commend the larger churches and rebuke the smaller? Does he compare growth rates and highlight numbers? No. Instead, he hits at the heart of character, faith, endurance, compromise, idolatry, and immorality.

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